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People Should Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

I believe that people should get a taste of their own medicine, it'll do society a lot of good. What I mean by that is as follows. If it is proven that someone tried to falsely imprison someone else. They should get the severest form of punishment their victim would have gotten. For example, if it is proven that a woman falsely accused a man of rape, she should receive the sentence he would have gotten. After all she was willing to do that to an innocent man, it's only just that it be done to ...
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The First Entry in My Journal

Hi everyone, This is my first post in my journal. I'm not sure how often I'll write, or what I'll write about. I do know though, that I want to write. I don't even know if anyone will ever read this journal. But it's better to have written even if no one ever reads it, than to have never written at all. See you guys soon, Sam ...
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